Kyrise is a platform used for monitoring the temperature. We have a great software to store and analyse data on our cloud platform. We build sensors to monitor temperature. Kyrise Cloude allows you to monitor it 24/7via mobile internet and SMS alerts.

For whom?

Dear grower,

Just imagine the relief of being sure of the good condition of your yearly yield without bothering your relatives back home, while you rest on sandy beach... Wherever you are - there is your smartphone, so wherever you are - there is the full knowledge of how things look in your cold room. Worth investing few bucks..?

Dear pharmacist,

Would not it be great to always be in touch with your pro-fridge precious content..? To slep well, knowing that all the medications are in the right temperature all the time..? Not only being monitored, but first of all being protected from the unwanted..? We bet it would!

Dear IT hardware specialist,

Sure you are protecting all your data in any possible way: UPSing, double backuping, cooling, air-conditioning...
But what if the blackout lasts for longer than usually? What if the server goes off instead of shuting down..?
You would surely like to prevent such incidents. With our products it is as A, B, C.

Dear restaurateur,

We know: not all the staff and not all the time are doing their best. People forget. And then deny. While you expect your product to be kept as good as it gets before your chef turns it into a masterpiece the customers would love and remember. So maybe it would be quite a good idea to technologically make sure that they are doing their best, while storing the products? It is far better when the customers' tongues remember delicious dishies better than their bellies!

Dear logistician,

Your goal is to deliver a cargo in excellent quality. Imagine that the refrigerated truck with technical malfunction goes through many miles and hours, causing catastrophic consequences.


Monitor the temperature of drugs. In the pharmacy, the car, in the hospital.


Take care of the food. In the restaurant, in the grocery, in the food truck.

Servers and electronics

The data are valuable. Take care and monitor servers

How it works?

Connect sensors, insert sim card and register your device on Kyrise cloud platform (optional) and viola! Buy our solution now and check out how easy you can set it up.


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  • connect up to four termometers:
  • up to two wire sensors
  • up to two wireless sensors
  • build in the humidity sensor
  • sms alerts - set safe range and receive a message when the temperature exceeds
  • online analysis - upload data to Kyrise cloud via mobile network
  • easy to install - just insert sim card and turn device on


Direct transmision data to Kyrise Cloud system to store data.


Eliminate time, cost and complexity of accessing and analysing data. Use reports on Kyrise Cloud!

Wireless sensors

Do not like wires? Use wireless sensors!


Use Kyrise cloud to analyse gathered data. Create reports, charts, export data to PDF and Excel.


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